Every DJ company should know about the importance of having a complete musical library. Not just their favorites, but a collection that can cater to all people’s tastes. We, at Dancemaster DJ’s have made that investment. Even though our associates carry with them a minimum of 20,000 licensed songs, our master library can boast over 100,000 titles, (not including our international library) covering over a 100 years worth of music.

The library includes all genres...Big Band, Old Country, New Country, Disco, Motown, Hip Hop, Urban, Rap, Electronic, Techno, Rave, Club, Industrial, Punk, New Wave, Alternative, Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock 'n Roll, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Christian, Classical, Chamber, Children's and Dance.

The library also includes dance styles and specialty songs...Waltzes, Tangos, Cha Chas, Mambos, Sambas, Rumbas, Polkas, Schottisches, Jives, Jitterbugs, Two-Steps, Square Dancing, the Hokey Pokey, Agadoo, Electric Slide, Macarena, and even the Bird Dance.

The library is updated every month of all the current genres. We search the global charts to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of being up to date. Our friends from around the world aid in helping us stay ahead. We have various types of background music, capable of being customized for your special event. We also have some Karaoke versions of songs available.

We pride ourselves in having the most extensive multicultural library of any disc jockey company in the Niagara Peninsula. The library contains over 30,000 songs covering over 75 nationalities. With the help of our international friends, we have been able to stay on top of global trends. Our library is added to every month from around the world. With some of our weddings being destination weddings we are able to provide a special touch of home and heritage. If you wish to view the list, please contact us for an appointment, as we do not email the list.

Please give us a call at 905-646-0334 if you have any other questions we may answer or email us at