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Every DJ company that is serious about this business, should know about the importance of having a complete musical library. Not one that reflects their personal tastes, but a collection that encompasses all people’s tastes. We, at Dancemaster Events & Entertainment have made that commitment, even though, our associates carry with them 50,000 licensed songs, our master library fields over 150,000 songs including our international library. Covering over a 100 years worth of song titles and artists.

The library is updated bi-monthly of all the chart toppers in all genres, and we continue to add requests and songs from every generation daily. We search the global charts to ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of what’s coming next. We look for unique and fresh songs that can compliment our ceremony, cocktail & dinner music, without sounding dated and stale.

We pride ourselves of having the most extensive multicultural library of any disc jockey service in the Niagara Peninsula. The library contains songs covering over 75 nationalities. With the help of our international partners, we have been able to stay on top of global trends. With several of our weddings being destination weddings we are able to provide a special touch of home and heritage.

By clicking on buttons “Master” and “International”  you can view both of our libraries. I’m doing this, because I want to ensure you that we actually have this music in our possession. We have made the investment to support the artists and their industry. We do not use Spotify or iTunes to DJ, and hope that our venue has the proper wifi to make it work. Nor do we have a link on our website to a national data base of songs, hoping you would believe that they carried them all, they do not. We will never make outlandish statements like “we have a million songs” without any proof.

This should be important to you because, right from the start, together, we can begin to construct a playlist that best compliments your tastes or your theme without the fear of hoping they have it or can get it. We are always happy and pleased to offer suggestions and helpful hints.

Please give us a call at  1-905-646-0334, if you have any other questions we may answer. Or email us at

Music Libraries. Last update July 5, 2021.