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Our approach from the very beginning is to make your celebration easy and fun.

Before we start this journey together, it is always advisable to meet. Whether in person or via a Skype meeting. Why, because we want you feel totally comfortable with our service. A service that will impact  80% of your day.

You wouldn’t book a caterer without tasting their food or a photographer without seeing their work. DJ’s are different, what they provide are emotions and feelings. They do this by the music they play, the words they speak and by their actions. Success is measured by how you and your guests feel at the end of the celebration.

Mistakes have been made in the past by clients who based their decisions solely on price, believing that all DJ’s are the same and do the same things. Did you want your celebration be something that your guests said was “OK” or did you want them to say it was “the best ever”? How would that make you feel? By talking to various DJ’s, you’ll be able to sense if they can provide “that feeling” that you are looking for. Our team has been bringing “the happy” for nearly four decades.

We subscribe to open and honest dialogue, because this celebration will be about you, and how it reflects you as a couple. It will be a celebration of love, that will have laughter, tears and dancing. We want your guests to leave satisfied. Your day, doesn’t have to be an everyday celebration, it can be THE BEST EVER.

Planning a wedding, a monumental day in your life, can be stressful. We can help, through our experience and network of friends we can overcome any problems, glitches or hiccups that can come along. So all you have to do is say “I do” and then relax and enjoy. Through comprehensive planning, creative rationalization and event direction, we can together, create that vision.

What do you consider value is? We consider it to be a service that offers a fair price, but exceeds expectations. We have survived this long, by doing just that. Our pricing, we believe is fair for what we are offering. We will make suggestions, but we will never hard sell or insist you purchase something that you do not need or feel comfortable with. We are here to help and serve you.